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Our Mission

Homestead Youth Arts Center (HYAC) is a non-profit organization founded with the mission of empowering at-risk youth to fully maximize their potential by fostering their natural abilities through our performing arts program. Keeping the youth engaged in physical activities that promote their self-confidence, instill a sense of purpose, and contribute to their overall success as responsible members of society. 

The need for a holistic measure to work with at-risk youth in our community is essential to our organization. In continuation of our efforts we seek to counter the maligning status of the youth in severely under-developed areas in Miami-Dade County to provide them with ample opportunities to decide the course of their life.



We believe all children have the capability to achieve their goals and we are committed to helping them reach them!

Our Mission

Why We're Great >

To execute each action with an attitude of excellence. 




Setting a platform to encourage, inspire, and enrich the lives of the  youth through our Performing Arts Programs.



We Need Your Support Today!

Our goal is to send out into the world, healthy and capable individuals who understand the importance of personal responsibility and community engagement.

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